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Blake Lively poses in a Red Bikini for the Betty Buzz Ad Campaign

"Blake Lively is living her best life in a red-hot bikini this summer."

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Blake Lively poses in a Red Bikini for the Betty Buzz Ad Campaign


Celebs frequently delete bikini photos without explanation. However, Blake Lively posted her red bikini photo leak last night with a more significant commercial goal in mind: to advertise her Betty Buzz line of non-alcoholic mixers.

In the commercial campaign, shot by Guy Aroch, the actress posed with her drinks while wearing various colored visors.

On her Instagram Story, Lively dropped more images and brought her husband Ryan Reynolds into the conversation. “This is not a capture of a wild mating ritual (though it could be),” she wrote. “I legitimately chug @bettybuzz Meyer Lemon all day. Every day. I am our number one customer. I respect our customer’s privacy so I won’t reveal @vancityreynolds [Ryan Reynolds’ Instagram handle] is our number 2 customer.”

Lively launched her sparkling mixers Betty Buzz in 2021.

That year, she revealed that she doesn't drink.

Blake announced the addition of Betty Booze, a line of gourmet sparkling cocktails, to her Betty Buzz collection in June. "BettyBooze is at your disposal." I've been making these meals for loved ones for years. But now I have four children. And I'm exhausted. So there you have it. In a tin. Enjoy. "Responsibly... Ish," Blake wrote on Instagram. 


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