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Golf Influencer Paige Spiranac shares some new perspectives on body positivity

"The social media sensation is known for her casual attire on the green, which she says is how she feels the most comfortable."

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Golf Influencer Paige Spiranac shares some new perspectives on body positivity


Paige Spiranac is recognized for her casual athleisure look on the golf course, which she wears in a lot of her social media photos. The golf instructor recently covered the topic on an episode of her podcast Playing a Round With Paige, and she also talked about simply wearing what she feels most comfortable in with Kay Adams.

Spiranac was featured on Up and Adams, the sportscaster's YouTube show, on Aug. 11 after a tweet urging the two to play golf together went viral. When asked about her body positivity, the 30-year-old influencer explained that it stems from her days as a young athlete.

“I was a competitive gymnast before I switched over to golf, and so I was so comfortable being in leotards, and when I started playing golf, I didn’t have enough money to go out and buy a whole new golf-appropriate wardrobe, and so I would often wear athletic wear that I had just in my closet, and that was leggings and tank tops,” Spiranac explained. 

She added that the public golf courses she learned the game on didn’t have strict dress codes, and when she started posting social content in casual clothing, “people lost their minds.”

It’s just how I feel best,” Spiranac stated. “I’ve always dressed this way. I like being sexy, that’s how I feel most confident... It’s my body, it’s my choice, I can choose what I want to wear, and this is how I feel most comfortable.” 

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