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Is AI going to be the Future of Fashion?

"Fashion firms all around the world have recently embraced artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance operations and customer experience."

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Is AI going to be the Future of Fashion?


"Innovations occur frequently in the fashion industry, whether they are related to trends or processes, but the current rate of technology advancement has the potential to create a dramatic shift once fully developed and integrated," said a JOOR spokeswoman. At the end of the day, this will help the consumer while also enhancing industry operations.

The JOOR experts sought to investigate what the future of fashion might entail as interest in AI rises. The following findings were obtained by JOOR using Chat GPT and AI picture production to forecast the future of fashion:

Wearables in fashion

Wearable technology in clothing is a trend that will probably continue in the future. The wearables market is predicted to expand to a value of 4.4 billion by 2027 (up 1,530% from 2018), and is expected to change from its current wrist monitor shape to something more subdued.

AI in retail

The search volume for AI clothes has increased the most over the past five years, by 3,240% between 2018 and 2023. Between 2020 and 2027, this is anticipated to increase by 538%.

According to JOOR, AI might eliminate the need for shops to keep physical inventory on hand by letting customers choose the material, style, and color they want before having it 3D-printed to their exact specifications.

Circular fashion economy

From its valuation in 2022, the circular fashion economy is projected to grow 96% by 2026. Although some businesses already provide the option to have clothing mended in-store or returned and recycled, it is anticipated that this will change as technology advances.

JOOR envisions a store returns procedure in which the clothing is recycled, recreated in accordance with current trends, and/or reprinted using AI to visualize the circular fashion economy as having the potential to become much more mainstream.

Sustainable fashion

Brands are coming under more and more pressure to create eco-friendly clothing. Experts estimate that in the future decades, the vast majority of our apparel will be made of sustainable materials, like Stella McCartney's leather substitutes. Searches for sustainable fashion have increased 97% in the previous five years.



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