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Kim Kardashian reveals that she wrapped her Christmas presents with SKIMS

"This year, everyone is getting Skims for Christmas"

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Kim Kardashian reveals that she wrapped her Christmas presents with SKIMS


Kim Kardashian loves minimalist decor, and she's keeping things winter white with her gift-wrapping this holiday season.

On Friday, the "Kardashians" star, 43, shared an impressive bounty of gifts beneath one of her many Christmas trees on Instagram, revealing that she wrapped them all in white Skims fabric.

“When everyone opens it I’m gonna take the fabric and reuse it on stuff that I make for my family. So I thought it was a really fun, cool way to just have something that you can use over and over again,” Kardashian explained.

"I love how this turned out," she said as she scanned the mountain of gifts beneath her matching snow-colored tree.

Though this is the first time the mother of four has used Skims instead of gift wrap, she is well-known for her unconventional gift-wrapping techniques.

Kim Kardashian showed off the mountain of presents underneath her white Christmas tree.

Kardashian's "creamy velvet" wrap job in 2019 divided fans, with one person comparing her knotted, fabric-covered packages to "miniature straight jackets."

"Who told Kim Kardashian that wrapping gifts in bed sheets was cute... she tried it," another joked on Twitter at the time.

This year, Kardashian's all-white "winter wonderland" holiday decor irritated some fans, with one calling the festive setup "hilariously tacky" and another comparing her double rows of Christmas trees to "the end of the car wash."

Kardashian showed off her “winter wonderland” decor on Instagram earlier this month to mixed reviews.


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