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Megan Fox Basks In The Sun in a Tiny Bikini

"In her strapless black bikini, actress Megan Fox is not leaving much to the imagination."

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Megan Fox Basks In The Sun in a Tiny Bikini


While tanning in a thong bikini and soaking up the sun, the "Jennifer's Body" actress posted the names of two tarot cards in her caption. As she published a mysterious remark about "dishonesty" and removed all of their images together on Super Bowl Sunday earlier this year, some fans speculated that she might be trying to hint about her relationship status with Machine Gun Kelly.

Photo: Megan Fox (Instagram)

The 37-year-old actress posted a steamy selfie on Instagram on Sunday morning with her face completely cropped out of the image. Instead, it displayed her body sprawled out on the couch wearing a strapless black bikini with a support cutout in the centre. She wore a black thong to match the top and crossed one skinny leg over the other.

The actress later tweeted a snapshot of herself standing out on the rocky shore close to the ocean, which appears to stretch into the horizon, giving fans another glimpse at her new red hair. Wearing the same black bikini as in the previous image, Megan takes a selfie while gazing directly at the camera.

Photo: Megan Fox (Instagram)

Ace of Cups + The Star Tarot Cards Represents Hope For A New Beginning!


She included the caption, "ace of cups + the star." As stated on, the star tarot card stands for "hope, healing, and renewal." It implies that a person is on the right track and ought to trust their gut. Insight, faith, and a connection to a higher power can also be represented by it. In either case, it indicates that someone is on the right track and should have optimism toward a circumstance because it appears to have a positive outcome.

The pairing of the two cards can indicate a positive result, but it can also stand for letting go of the past and welcoming new beginnings. In other words, it's impossible to determine whether the caption correctly captures her current romantic relationship with MGK.


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