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Megan Fox evokes shipwrecked style in a transparent, damp dress

"Megan Fox is officially back after disappearing for a good period of time and deleting her Instagram earlier this year. And people, she's making her presence known."

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Megan Fox evokes shipwrecked style in a transparent, damp dress

Instagram (Megan Fox)

In fact, the Transformers actress has posted more pictures of herself recently than she did virtually the whole year before! She has also been showing *seriously* innovative talent. The first was the forest-themed photo shoot when she wore feathery hair extensions in the Poison Ivy style and a tiny green bikini before changing into a completely drenched white corset dress that was so transparent that our jaws are still on the floor.

Let's just say that Meg has been sticking to a trend because she recently released another set of stunning photos in which she is seen frolicking on the beach while dressed in, you got it, a see-through, wet white dress.

Oh, how she enjoys being by the ocean! Meg looks very stunning in these pictures, posing on the sand in a stunning white minidress with shirring that becomes increasingly transparent with each wave that crashes into the coast. Shipwrecked style is infused with Megan's distinctive seductive edge.

Funny enough, the actress included the caption "offering surf lessons. link in bio" with the post. Fans couldn't get enough and left their own humorous comments:

"Me sprinting to the link —->🏃🏼‍♂️"
"Fine, I’ll sign up for your surf classes but this better not be some ploy to get me in a bikini and ogle me."
"Screaming in bisexual panic 🙀 😍"
"Foxes make the best mermaids. 🧜🏼‍♀️"

Meg also treated her 21.3 million followers to some BTS snaps from the same shoot, that she posted on her Stories...




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