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Sydney Sweeney Debuts in Paris with Short Hair and a Pantsless Look

"Sydney Sweeney has been fairly visible recently, doing the press rounds for Anyone But You and Madame Web"

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Sydney Sweeney Debuts in Paris with Short Hair and a Pantsless Look


While it would be early to say for sure, there's a decent chance Sydney Sweeney will go down in history as the blonde bombshell of her generation. Her long, blonde hair is a vital component of the Jayne Mansfield meets Veronica Lake vibe that permeates a large percentage of her public appearance looks, featuring modern California girl vibes. It begs the question if she chopped off her hair, would she lose any of her iconic Hollywood beauty? Well, not at all. Of course.


Sydney Sweeney has been incredibly busy lately. She hosted Saturday Night Live last weekend, did the rounds for Anyone But You and Madame Web, and served as an ambassador at an event for Laneige. She has also been sporting long hair for her latest outings, as she has been doing for the past few years, frequently fashioned in an impeccable blowout.

But Sweeney has made it plain that she's ready for spring with a new hairstyle, just two days after she was last seen with hair that reached the middle of her back. The actor, shown here on Tuesday, March 5, strolling along cobblestone in heels never meant for such terrain, came at Miu Miu's Paris Fashion Week show wearing a black blazer over what I can only characterize as lavishly bedazzled bloomers.

However, if you look past her striking outfit, you'll notice that a few inches of hair that were there just a day or two before were left behind in the United States.


The new lob on Sweeney hardly grazes her shoulders. Compared to her typical blowouts, this one is fashioned far less smoothly and more piece-y, with lots of texture and a hint of waviness. Its side section has delicate layers that reveal a touch of somewhat deeper blonde rootiness.

The fact that Sweeney is just one of several celebrities who have chopped their hair into a lob or bob since the year's beginning proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that length is not a must for glamour.

This post first appeared on Allure.


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