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Taylor Vibes: Blake Lively looks red-hot in a bikini with heart-shaped sunglasses

"On Thursday, Blake Lively posted a scorching new image to Instagram wearing a fiery bikini and heart-shaped sunglasses."

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Taylor Vibes: Blake Lively looks red-hot in a bikini with heart-shaped sunglasses

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“K now im gonna draw it with AI…😍 🍼 🍼
Uncanny,” the “Gossip Girl” star, 35, captioned the post, using the emojis to hilariously describe her glasses and busty look.

Lively poses in the photo holding a pair of red acrylic heart-shaped sunglasses with one hand while flaunting her toned abs in a red bikini.

Lively shared some pregnancy photographs last September while sporting yet another sexy suit.

Last year, she dazzled in a white bikini.

The Betty Booze founder — who gave birth to her fourth child with husband Ryan Reynolds in February — wears her hair in a loose, half-up style in the pic, sporting a red manicure to match her bathing suit and wrapping a yellow-and-white striped towel around her waist.

Fans went wild over Lively’s red moment — and compared it to BFF Taylor Swift’s iconic heart-shaped shades — like one who wrote, “Those glasses are giving Taylor vibes 😍😍😍 LOVE.”

“Red (Taylor’s Version) is next Omg! I’d love to see u involved in a project :)” another commented, while a third fan added, “Blake’s in her red era ❤️❤️❤️”

“Spotted…Serena van derwoodson putting everyone on notice that she is and will always be the Queen…..sorry Barbie” another fan wrote, referring to Lively’s “Gossip Girl” character.

Swift and Lively have been close friends for years.

In the "You Need to Calm Down" music video, Swift is seen sporting clear yellow heart sunglasses.

While visiting London earlier this week, the mother of four attended the "Crown to Couture" exhibition at Kensington Palace and went over a rope to repair her Met Gala dress on display. It is unclear, however, where she was posing in her bathing suit.


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