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5 Babydoll Dress Ideas

"Babydoll dresses have been a consistent player in fashion, adorning the closets of both fashion experts and style icons. These adorable and whimsical pieces have a beautiful, vintage-inspired appearance."

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5 Babydoll Dress Ideas

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Brands like Dolls Kill have created the babydoll dress for a new generation. The variety of styles and designs available means that there is something for everyone. If you’re looking for some wardrobe inspiration, we’ve listed 6 of our favorite ideas for babydoll dresses below.

Floral Patterns


When it comes to babydoll dresses, a traditional floral print is always a good choice. Nothing shouts warm weather like a flowery print evoking the 1960s, and the dress' airy silhouette makes it ideal for the summer and spring.

The delicate florals and loose fit of the babydoll dress work really well together to create a feminine and sophisticated appearance. One of our favourite choices for wearing with a babydoll dress is a floral print, which is a timeless look. For an even more summery look, try a dress in a pastel colour.

Bright Colors


Bright hues are back and better than ever, thanks in large part to celebrities like Blake Lively and Kim Kardashian. Additionally, this is true for babydoll attire. Why not choose a babydoll dress in one striking hue if you want to try this look but lack the A-high-end List's budget?

Currently, we enjoy green. All of our top fashion models, including Ashley Graham and Hailey Bieber, are huge lovers at the moment because it's so current. Why not add your own spin to their appearance by donning a vivid green babydoll dress? Alternately, take it a step further and embrace neon, which is ideal for a night out.

Fun Patterns


Why not try something a little different with the prints? The point of fashion is to be creative, so you can spice it up with a more daring print like cats or hearts. We adore how a babydoll dress' blank canvas is supplemented by a repeating pattern that, if desired, may still be delicate.

Another print that is especially in right now is fruit like lemons, cherries, and oranges. This bold choice of print is an exciting look for those wanting to be unique and different, so why not add some flavor to your babydoll dress?

Ribbon Details


The traditional babydoll dress also comes in variations with ribbon straps and waistbands. Ribbon straps offer a retro feel and are really popular right now. They only tie at the top of your shoulders and are attached to the garment. Or the silhouette of the dress can be altered with a ribbon bow at the waist.

The best part about them, though, is that you can alter how you knot them each time, making them look different even if your friend is wearing the same outfit. You can choose to tie a big bow that rests on your shoulders or a little knot with the strands hanging down your back.

A Minimalist Design


A babydoll dress is for you if you like to seem more subdued and discreet. They have an attractive, sophisticated finish that is ideal for a summer day and are offered in subdued and light colours. A babydoll dress with a mesh lining is another option that will stand out at a function or on a night out. Everybody can find something to enjoy.


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