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Hanni from NewJeans is the new Armani Beauty ambassador

"Hanni, a member of NewJeans, has signed another major brand deal with Gucci Fashion."

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Hanni from NewJeans is the new Armani Beauty ambassador

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Just months after concluding a deal with Gucci in the fashion area, the 18-year-old is now the official worldwide spokesperson for Armani Beauty in the beauty category. Hanni is a very young artist with a strong sense of expression and a magnetic individuality—a contrast that interests me. She has personality, which is always the quality I find most fascinating, Giorgio Armani said in a statement.

Hanni is pictured in the first advertisement for her line with her recognizable fringe, My Armani Go To Cushion on her face, and Lip Maestro in "214." The celebrity will launch a campaign for Armani Beauty's new Power Fabric+ Foundation in April and the Lip Maestro Satin lipstick in May after the announcement.

According to WWD, Hanni said in a statement that "The Armani brand has something very interesting and very paradoxical: It's the champion of timelessness, but it's also the champion of being always in tune with the times, with the today."

Luxury brands are signing up five members of NewJeans, one of the K-hottest pop groups right now. In October 2022, Hanni was chosen to represent Gucci as a brand ambassador, followed by Hyein for Louis Vuitton and Danielle for Burberry. Chanel and Dior are only a couple of the brands that might perhaps collaborate with the other members of the quintet, but the other members have not yet formally confirmed brand relationships.


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