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Madelyn Cline is the cover star of Cosmo's Money Issue

"Madelyn Cline’s Hot Streak"

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Madelyn Cline is the cover star of Cosmo's Money Issue


In Glass Onion, Madelyn Cline was excellent. Second, she looks wonderful, but she also has the appearance of a lady who is unsure if she can pretend that her activewear is genuine Wear Out clothing because it looks so good on her. (Madelyn, I'm the same way.)





And finally, the interview is hilarious. I can't argue with her assertion that "love is tight," as the cover headline promises. Love is tight. I'm not sure if I enjoy the editorial shoot's blatantly ludicrous Sexy Bowling component. Despite the fact that I am bad at it, I really like bowling, although it's not very sexual. Nevertheless, it's a terrific interview, and she comes across as VERY likable and engaging. I found this amusing:

The Glass Onion press tour looked like a lot. London! Toronto! Thailand! I was at the world premiere in Toronto—you looked beautiful, by the way.

God, oh God. that outfit. It was amusing because of the dress store in the centre when I sat down on the stage for the Q&A. I was therefore holding my clutch up to my crotch. They handed me a microphone to respond to a question, but I said, "No," shaking my head. such as oh my goodness.




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