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Blackpink’s Jisoo Becomes a Traditional French Girl

"Jisoo is holidaying in the south of France and not on a demanding Blackpink tour."

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Blackpink’s Jisoo Becomes a Traditional French Girl

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It appears Jisoo's chakras are starting to realign after performing for 1.8 million Blinks over the course of a year in 34 locations across 22 nations. Because she isn't on a taxing Blackpink tour, she is vacationing in the south of France. She is conveying an OOO attitude through her attire, which is all cobblestone streets and ocean views.

Similar to Selena Gomez, who happened to be attending the spring 2024 fashion presentations in Paris and donned a puff-sleeved polka-dot dress, Jisoo is also discovering a spiritual connection in the stereotypical French-Girl style, which includes marinière knits, slogan caps, and wide-legged trousers. It doesn't matter whether that is what genuine French people wear. It's intended to be a break from the real world.

The purported lifestyle of French girls has a very analogous feel to it. She doesn't watch Netflix, contour her face, or consume manufactured meals. She only reads first-edition Annie Ernaux books while lightly applying lip balm. Right? Jisoo, who wears velvet bows in her hair and poses for old-fashioned film cameras, appears to be driven by similar ideals of carefree life.


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