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Cardi B stars in the new Skims Campaign

"Skims has launched a new campaign starring Cardi B in which it says it celebrates the undeniable influence and impact on pop culture and the music industry."

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Cardi B stars in the new Skims Campaign


With the inclusion of Grammy-winning rapper Cardi B in its most recent advertising campaign, SKIMS, the company that has been redefining comfort and elegance, has once again grabbed headlines.

The campaign emphasized how the company "continues to lead the industry in celebrity casting and marketing by engaging diverse, of-the-moment talent," and that it was inspired by her "cultural force and accomplished music career."

The company has a long-standing creative connection with artist and photographer Vanessa Beecroft, who photographed and directed the campaign. The campaign has just made its premiere on digital and social media platforms. 


Another celebrity-driven pop culture campaign was only recently unveiled by the company formed by Jens Grede and Kim Kardashian.

Kim Cattrall, Nelly Furtado, Hari Nef, Lana Condor, and Coco Jones all starred in it.

The five celebrities selected their own favorite outfits from the session, and these were the ones that were featured in the video, which was also captured by Beecroft. 

Make a note of the date, October 19, 9 AM PT, when the new Cotton Collection items are scheduled to arrive. With the rapper serving as the face of this campaign, SKIMS has maintained its position as the industry leader in celebrity casting and marketing, demonstrating that the company is more than simply a passing fad but a significant cultural force.

Skims, which was only established in the middle of 2019, recently obtained new funding, which resulted in a $4 billion valuation.



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