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Dua Lipa Shared a Sexy Lingerie Bathroom Selfie

"From inside the bathroom, Dua Lipa uploaded a pretty suggestive photo to her Instagram Stories."

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Dua Lipa Shared a Sexy Lingerie Bathroom Selfie

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The photo is very attractive despite the fact that she is unmade and sporting an oversized t-shirt. The musician is seen in the image snapping a selfie in front of a mirror while raising the hem of her blouse to show off a pair of lacy underwear.

Photo: Dua Lipa

She wears simple gold bracelets, bangles, and jewelry around her wrist, neck, and ears. But what her fans are focusing on is what is going on in the background. Fingerprints may be seen on the shower glass in the hot water's film, as though someone grasped it or leaned against it while in the heat of desire. 

After going public with their romance in March, the singer is now seeing her lover Romain Gavras. They were just traveling through Greece as a couple, stopping at the tiny island of Sifnos as well as the Acropolis in Athens. She posted pictures of their experiences, showing them wandering the ancient alleyways with her holding his hand in one and his arm slung across her shoulders in another.

They attended a screening of Omar La Fraise at the 76th Annual Cannes Film Festival in May, making their red carpet-debut there.


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