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Messika Midnight Sun High Jewelry: Carla Bruni Brings the Elegance

"Carla Bruni's alluring presence in Messika's Midnight Sun high jewelry 2023 campaign is creating ripples."

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Messika Midnight Sun High Jewelry: Carla Bruni Brings the Elegance

Messika Jewelry

The renowned French singer and model, Carla Bruni, has been chosen as the spokesperson for the new Messika High Jewelry line in an effort to capture the essence of this electrifying collection.

The photographs, which Pierre-Ange Carlotti skillfully caught, take us to the glitzy atmosphere of a nightclub, borrowing inspiration from the glitz of the 1970s.

Photo: Messika Jewelry

The collection itself is a tribute to opulence, with a variety of shapes embellished with brilliant white and pear-shaped yellow diamonds. Model collaborations are nothing new for Messika, who recently debuted its Move Link advertisements with Kendall Jenner.

Photo: Messika Jewelry

The commercial not only features stunning jewelry but also provides style ideas for individuals looking for the ideal outfit for a night out. Carla Bruni deftly displays a variety of outfits, such as a stylish little black dress, a vivid pink fake fur jacket, and a hooded metallic purple design.

Photo: Messika Jewelry

Midnight Sun unveils complex sets that are as much a play of lights and contrasts as they are a reflection of Maison's diamond savoir-faire. It is a manifesto of innovation and assertion.

The yellow diamond is the night's reigning queen. When it is amplified, it casts a magical, symbolic aura throughout the night. It eclipses the white diamond at Messika for the first time, transporting Carla Bruni between night and day and over time.

Valérie Messika has produced a chorus of outstanding sets this year, each more lively than the last. She captures the essence of the iconic characters of the era—from Grace Jones to Freddie Mercury, from Andy Warhol to Diana Ross—in each of her designs.

Photo: Messika Jewelry

These outfits are a stunning match for the Messika jewelry, demonstrating that a well-chosen look can be just as captivating as the stones themselves.

Photo: Messika Jewelry

Photo: Messika Jewelry


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