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Emily Ratajkowski is bringing the Naked Trend with a Crochet Skirt and Teeny Bra

"Model Emily Ratajkowski has been setting the bar for the recent naked trend and dishing out some major looks in the process."

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Emily Ratajkowski is bringing the Naked Trend with a Crochet Skirt and Teeny Bra

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The 32-year-old has demonstrated a thorough understanding of the current fashion trend with her use of see-through tops for magazine shoots in March and wearing undergarments as outerwear back in June.

She recently added another outfit to her Instagram grid and shared some behind-the-scenes photos from a recent shoot. She has once again added her own touch to the nude trend while demonstrating that it is a style that can be worn far into autumn.

Emily posted the images on her Instagram account, where she is seen wearing a red and white maxi skirt with vertical cables that extend all the way to her feet. The fabric wonderfully embraces her hips and thighs, revealing her toned pins.

The model added a teeny little red and white crochet bra made in the same cable pattern to go with the Y2K-inspired low-rise skirt. We're ngl, but the white material surrounding the red triangle in the center of the bra gives us huge Hama beads vibes. Wow, what a throwback.

Emily added other gold accessories to complete the gorgeous appearance, including a large block ring on her right hand, an avant-garde arm bracelet, and a pair of long earrings in the same design.


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