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Getting Ready With NewJeans: K-Pop Performance and Fashion Influence at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards

"NewJeans, which includes Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein, made its Billboard Music Awards 2023 debut on Sunday."

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Getting Ready With NewJeans: K-Pop Performance and Fashion Influence at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards

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The K-pop quartet performed their big hits "Super Shy" and "OMG."

“We practiced a lot and made sure we were all on the same page regarding the type of energy and the performance we wanted to portray,” Hanni told WWD. “We’ve put in extra effort,” Haerin added.

Fashion plays a crucial role in NewJeans' performances, as their devoted online following, known as the "bunnies," have come to learn. This was evident at the BBMAs as well. The K-pop celebrities, drawing Y2K aspects from preppy inspiration, sported schoolgirl ensembles that brought back memories of Britney Spears's "...Baby One More Time" video. 

"It's a school look that matches the intro part of the performance, emphasizing each member's uniqueness!" And I particularly liked the "OMG" dress since it felt so wonderful and charming!" Hyein stated. "Our stylist always goes out of her way to have subtle differences in detail that, depending on the member, represent their personality and image on stage." All while adhering to the same clothes motif and vibe as a group," Hanni noted. 

Even from the perspective of the K-pop business, which is accustomed to seeing its acts achieve skyrocketing sales and streaming figures, NewJeans is regarded as a phenomenon. The group, which received five BBMA nominations this year, published its first video in July 2022 and became the quickest K-pop act to reach one billion Spotify streams in May. They have also secured ambassadorships with prestigious premium fashion businesses. 

"I have so much affection for the brands I work with and I'm excited to see what we'll work on next!" Minj became an ambassador for Chanel's Beauty, Fashion, and Watch & Jewelry divisions in February. 

Danielle, who was hired by Burberry in January and Yves Saint Laurent Beauty in March, explained that her interest in high fashion began as a child. "I've always loved playing dress-up, choosing out lovely clothing, and even dressing my toys since I was a kid!! I recall going to my grandparents' house and pretending to be a princess or a rockstar by taking their high fashion clothing!! My first styling session was extremely wonderful and brought back so many pleasant memories!! "I just feel like there are no limits with fashion, and you can be whoever you want!" she exclaimed. 

Haerin, a Dior ambassador since April, acknowledged the connection between fashion and music. "Each artist has their own unique character, I think they all influence each other in various ways," she told me. "There is such a wide variety of fashion out there and seeing how artists can capture their personalities and characters through their styling is very interesting and impactful to the viewers," she said. 

Hanni has been an ambassador for Gucci since October 2022 and for Armani Beauty since February, while Hyein became the youngest Louis Vuitton ambassador in December at the age of 14 in December.


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