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Hyunjin shines in Versace at Lollapalooza Paris

"Stray Kids performed as headliners of a major event in Paris, becoming the first K-pop group ever to headline a Lollapalooza."

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Hyunjin shines in Versace at Lollapalooza Paris


Hyunjin was seen wearing a special Versace dress and matching Versace accessories, marking his first official appearance since being named a Global Brand Ambassador for the brand.

After the event, he rapidly became viral around the world, and Korean netizens had some great reactions to him as well. "Now I understand the value of having ambassadors; all of his outfits and accessories look great on him." "Honestly, he was freaking crazy, he was full of Versace, and I saw how crazy the Paris Lollapalooza stage was, it was so full of dopamine." "Finally, as Versace has officially stated, he is the human Versace." "The Versace boy also pulled off a real live performance so perfectly, and he even gave fan service, the fact that he loves his job as an idol is so good." "Nylon France's official account: Versace Prince Hyunjin." 


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