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Jenna Ortega's Latest Manicure is Surprisingly Classic

"Jenna Ortega never fails to look stunning on the red carpet."

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Jenna Ortega's Latest Manicure is Surprisingly Classic


She's always dressed to the nines and isn't afraid to try something new. She's recently worn "bronzed goth" makeup, debuted bangs, wore a gothic wedding dress, and experimented with auburn hair. Her most recent? A departure from the edgier styling in favor of something more classic.

On January 11, Ortega walked the red carpet at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in Palm Springs, California, to attend the world premiere of her latest film, Miller's Girl. To commemorate the occasion and kick off her Emmys weekend, the star wore a stunning floral-accented dress and a chic French manicure.

The dress was essentially just a skirt that began right under her chest and had some straps. The gown began with small spaghetti straps adorned with two large white flowers, which covered her chest and provided support. The straps stopped as soon as the dress reached her sternum, and the skirt began to flow down her thighs. For some photos, she wore a coordinating long white coat, which added drama. But for each version of the look, she wore a white fabric choker, pointy-toed white heels, and a pearl bracelet.

Her version of the classic nail style was medium-length and almond-shaped. Each of her nails had the same glossy, pink-tinged base that extended to the tip, where it became white. The tip was small and focused on the very ends of her nails. Her manicure was so shiny from tip to cuticle that the light from the paparazzi cameras reflected on it.

Fortunately, you don't need a red carpet to pull off the look, which is not only simple to recreate at home but also complements anything in your closet. Furthermore, you probably already have everything you need at home.


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