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Paige Spiranac Promises 31 Halloween Costumes in October

"The golf instructor donned a Street Fighter Cammy costume last year."

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Paige Spiranac Promises 31 Halloween Costumes in October

Paige Spiranac (IG)

The spooky season is here, and Paige Spiranac is prepared to don a variety of characters, it seems. The media star announced that she will dress up in 31 different Halloween costumes for her OnlyPaige subscribers over the month of October in an Instagram story on Friday. 

“I had this brilliant idea to do 31 Halloween costumes on OP in October, because why not? Now that I’m looking at all 31 costumes that I’m going to shoot today, cheers,” the one-time SI Swimsuit model stated with a giggle as she held a JetFuel Energy drink up to the camera. “It’s gonna be a long one.”

Then Spiranac posted a quick video showing Halloween costumes piled on the ground. She swiftly panned through other outfits, among them a cowgirl disguise, a firefighter helmet, and a beautiful pirate garb. 

The Halloween outfits worn by the golf instructor are frequently popular online. Her costume from the previous year had a green bodysuit, a red beret and gloves, a black body harness, and the character Cammy from Street Fighter. She had two braided pigtails in her beautiful golden hair. She decided to dress like Harley Quinn from DC Comics in 2021. Spiranac dressed as Bob Ross in 19 but skipped a costume in 20.


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