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Kendall Jenner and Elle Fanning Leads The L’Oréal Paris Runway

"Eva Longoria, Andie MacDowell, Viola Davis, Dame Helen Mirren, and Bollywood legend Aishwarya Rai Bachchan all made stunning appearances."

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Kendall Jenner and Elle Fanning Leads The L’Oréal Paris Runway

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As L'Oréal premiered its star-studded catwalk show this Sunday on the esplanade of the Eiffel Tower, Paris Fashion Week was bathed in a Hollywood glow.

The sixth edition of the Le Défilé Walk Your Worth exhibition included a celebrity lineup that included Kendall Jenner, Elle Fanning, Eva Longoria, Dame Helen Mirren, and more to showcase the connection between real beauty and high fashion.

In a low-cut, beaded, and sequin-covered golden gown, Fanning exuded goddess-like beauty. She accessorized the outfit with strappy golden sandals and silky Old Hollywood curls in her hair. The Great actor and Mirren affectionately linked hands as they proceeded down the runway together.


The renowned French cosmetics brand's new face, Kendall Jenner, finished the event with a dramatic runway walk. She was accompanied by dancers who were dressed in all-black and who danced around her as she went. She looked stunning in a silver glitter gown. The supermodel waved to the crowd while grinning and swishing her long, shining ponytail.


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Andie MacDowell, Viola Davis, and Eva Longoria all made welcome appearances at the presentation while wearing their own sparkling gowns.


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