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Cardi B Makes Her Runway Debut at Balenciaga's Star-Studded Fashion Show

"Cardi B confirmed that she truly adores those Balenciagas by strutting down the runway in them."

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Cardi B Makes Her Runway Debut at Balenciaga's Star-Studded Fashion Show

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The renowned fashion expert and rapper debuted on the runway at Balenciaga's opulent Los Angeles fashion show on Saturday. The Spanish fashion label featured well-known figures and steadfast brand ambassadors, such as Nicole Kidman, Joey King, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and others.

Cardi B stunned the audience by strolling down the palm tree-lined boulevard among the other models with a carefree swagger befitting a catwalk, all while the scene was set on Windsor Boulevard during the day. The rapper maintained possession of the floor-length, blue fake fur coat that she wore over the iconic black leggings and heels from Balenciaga.

Cardi looked so elegant with her hair and makeup. With her hair pushed back firmly to highlight the row of diamonds around her neck, she looked like an old Hollywood starlet with a bold, deep red lip.


Later, the performer shared on Instagram Stories that she "pushed through" the act despite being ill. She exclaimed, "I feel like sh*t." Cardi B threw an after-party celebration for Balenciaga's Los Angeles show despite feeling unwell.

Cardi B and Balenciaga have remained close since the musician was selected as the brand's new face in 2020. In her popular song "I Like It," she notably refers to Balenciaga, mentioning the brand's sock-like shoes. Cardi and Kim Kardashian, among other celebrities, have remained loyal to the brand after its contentious 2022 advertising campaign that portrayed kids holding teddy bears in chains and bonds.

The LA show, which was produced in association with the infamously pricey grocery store Erewhon, was an exceptional special. Guests were also given shopping bags with the Erewhon x Balenciaga logo, and Kardashian seized the chance to take a photo holding one. Cole Sprouse, Lisa Rinna, Nicola Peltz Brooklyn Beckham, Rachel Sennott, Natasha Lyonne, and other celebrities were also present at the concert.



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