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Sadie Sink Spotted at Armani Beauty Dinner in Venice

"Sadie Sink was spotted at the 80th Venice International Film Festival on September 1, 2023, in Venice, Italy, when she attended the Armani Beauty dinner."

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Sadie Sink Spotted at Armani Beauty Dinner in Venice


In an interview with Elle, Sink was asked about her role as the new face of Armani Si and her fragrance preferences. She said, “I love something that just blends in to who I am and doesn’t feel like it’s misplaced in any way. When I first tried Si, I was relieved that such an iconic fragrance smells so nice! It’s not too mature or overpowering in a way that I feel like many fragrances that have been around for so long are. Si balances this sophistication but also a warmth and feels just youthful enough.”


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