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Sydney Sweeney collaborates with Frankies Bikinis on the sexiest ever swimwear collection

"The Euphoria actress is collaborating with the well-known swimwear brand Frankies Bikinis on a swimwear line that is said to be its sexiest ever and is influenced by Italian summer romance."

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Sydney Sweeney collaborates with Frankies Bikinis on the sexiest ever swimwear collection

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Sweeney explained to Elle why she made the decision to enter the swimwear industry: "I grew up on the water, always running around in a bikini," adding that she "wanted to create something that truly felt like me."

A year ago, the brand's Gemma One-Piece amassed a 500-person waiting list in the 24 hours following Sweeney's appearance in an installment of the HBO series wearing it.

Sydney Sweeney collaborated on a romance-themed swimsuit collection.

And while Francesca Aiello, the creator and creative director of Frankies Bikinis, noticed the strappy style, it may not have helped her character Cassie win over Nate played by Jacob Elordi.

The campaign was photographed in Rome, a city Sweeney told Elle “really captured and invoked the feelings behind the collection.”

Sweeney’s one-piece on “Euphoria” caught shoppers’ attention.

In the upcoming collaboration, the actress will pose in Italy donning everything from an embroidered triangle top to a lacy black bikini, making it just as eye-catching as Sweeney's famous suit. 

The entire collection of styles, which come in sizes XS to XXL, will also include unique design elements, such as a kiss print that is actually taken from Sweeney's lips.

The line features lots of lace detailing.

The kiss print came from Sweeney’s own lips.

Sweeney explained how she created the unique pattern to Elle: "I was coating on various shades of red lipstick and kissing paper and sending pics to Francesca.

My bathroom became filled with pages of my lipstick marks due to the amusing back and forth about how wide to part my lips or how many colors to apply.

The collection will come in two drops, the first of which hit the site on March 14.


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