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Adriana Lima, 42, flaunts her tiny waist on a new magazine cover and says, I'm the Happiest I've Ever Been

"When Adriana Lima said goodbye to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2018, many feared it was the end of her spectacular career."

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Adriana Lima, 42, flaunts her tiny waist on a new magazine cover and says, 'I'm the Happiest I've Ever Been'

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Little did her dedicated followers expect her to emerge as a powerful force in the modeling world—a feat that is especially difficult for models in their later stages of careers.

Fast forward to now, and the former Victoria's Secret model, dubbed "the most valuable Victoria's Secret Angel" in 2017, has not only surpassed expectations but also graced several important covers. This time, it was for the cover of Harper's Bazaar Arabia, in a stunning display of high-fashion expertise.

The Brazilian beauty was dressed in a Roberto Cavalli turtleneck gown with lace fabric falling down one side of the arms and shoulders. Even after giving birth to three children, the dress hugged her fit physique and showed off her tiny waist. She completed her look with a beautiful Bonfilio Hats headpiece and the glimmer of Cartier jewelry.

Adriana Lima Dresses in All-Black for Magazine Cover

But that's not all—her makeup was flawless, perfectly complementing her all-black ensemble. Lima wore a startling jet-black dramatic eyeliner that covered her entire eyes, which she paired with a nude glossy lip. The runway queen has once again demonstrated that age is just a number, and her influence in the fashion world is as strong as ever.

During her interview, the 42-year-old revealed all the beans on her remarkable return and clapped back at trolls.

"My true comeback will be in 2024," she chuckles. "I feel like there has been a return of the supers; I've seen not only supermodels from the 2000s, but also from the '80s and '90s, who have been working a lot recently, and I think it's wonderful to see." I believe that every one of the supermodels has a distinct character and demeanor and that this is what distinguishes them because you can see those various personas when they are in photoshoots and on the runway. They are remembered for this. "I think that makes it easier for brands to sell because people connect to you, they connect to that distinct personality that you have," she added, explaining why older models are making a comeback.

Adriana Lima Discusses Modeling and Happiness

"These supermodels are in different stages of their lives and are being celebrated for being mature women, which is refreshing to see because, as we all know, traditional fashion models usually don't last that long," the brunette beauty continued. But I believe that scenario is coming to an end. "I believe that as women, we are celebrated at every stage of our lives."

Adriana seems unconcerned when it comes to rude comments from the public. When she attended the premiere of The Hunger Games: The Ballad Of Songbirds & Snakes a few weeks ago, internet trolls argued that she looked 'different' and must've gotten a lot of 'Botox' and 'fillers.' Lima gets ready for the premiere with the help of celebrity makeup expert Patrick Ta in the TikTok above, but people noticed something different about the model's face and couldn't decide if it was the makeup or cosmetic treatments.

"It didn't bother me in the least. I'm extremely strong in that regard, and to be honest, I was feeling wonderful before I stepped out. I was with my kids, and they looked at me and said, 'Mom! 'You look stunning!'"

She continued to laugh it off, saying, "I wasn't offended or anything - I was laughing." The point is that I am not sixteen years old. I started modeling when I was 16, but I'll never be 16 again. I'm 42 years old and I'm the happiest I've ever been; happiest with myself. I am proud of my age and will not alter for anyone."


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