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Ellie Thumann's Favorite Look From Her SI Swim Photoshoot

"The 2023 SI Swimsuit rookie had little issue deciding between her denim-inspired options."

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Ellie Thumann's Favorite Look From Her SI Swim Photoshoot

SI Swimsuit

This year's SI Swimsuit Issue featured Ellie Thumann as a rookie, following photographer Derek Kettela to Puerto Rico. Thumann wore denim bucket hats, jean corset tops, and light-washed little skirts for the tropical Caribbean photoshoot, which included the "For the Love of Denim" aesthetic.

The resulting photographs were all stunning, but the 21-year-old had a definite favorite when it came to her one-of-a-kind bathing ensembles. During a casual game of gigantic Jenga with fellow SI Swim newcomer Sixtine, the seasoned model revealed her favorite blue look.

Photo: SI Swimsuit

Photo: SI Swimsuit


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