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Emily Ratajkowski added a new Naked Selfie to her Photo Collection

"EmRata dropped a series of snaps to her grid, which included the 🔥-est naked selfie we think we've seen to date."

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Emily Ratajkowski added a new Naked Selfie to her Photo Collection


We have long admired Emily Ratajkowski, and there are undoubtedly many reasons for this. She is not only a very successful model, a fierce activist, a tough businesswoman, and a stay-at-home mother, but she also takes *killer* naked selfies.

The 32-year-old has amassed a collection of breathtaking photos over the years, some of which show her nailing the nude trend in terms of her fashion looks (her most recent autumnal crochet skirt and small bra were a favorite), while others simply show her being completely at ease in her own skin. Which is obviously a strong vibe.

But yesterday, Em uploaded a number of pictures to her grid, including what we believe to be the nastiest naked selfie yet. Em included a natural picture of the model completely naked but covered in silk sheets in between the steamy images of her posing in her bra and rocking the ultimate bedhead.



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