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From Malibu To Williamsburg, Inside Kaia Gerber’s Jetsetter Beauty Routine

"After spending a Sunday by the pool at her parent's house in Malibu, Kaia Gerber slides her Five-Minute Journal in a pre-packed carryon and catches a red eye to New York."

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From Malibu To Williamsburg, Inside Kaia Gerber’s Jetsetter Beauty Routine

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The 20-year-old model — and face of Marc Jacobs' Daisy Ever So Fresh — doesn't bring a single pair of heels. "I know I'm going to walk a lot," she says, explaining that during the week she's going from her classes in Brooklyn to dinner in the West Village before heading to a friend's concert at Terminal 5 (so, Celine boots are the move).
Ahead, Gerber diaries a full week in her life. On Monday, she's eating a spoonful of sea moss gel (a new health trend she's "very into"), and by Saturday, she's grabbing a breakfast sandwich in her pajamas before getting ready for the theatre. Her pace is quick and her recommendations honest. The following was told to Megan Decker and edited for length and clarity.
I wake up at my parent's house, which is wonderful — it's by the beach. I usually wake up early so I have like an hour before the rest of the world is awake and I don't have to work yet. I make matcha and take it outside with me. I do The Five Minute Journal or five minutes of stream-of-consciousness writing and reading a little bit. I'm reading Abandon Me by Melissa Febos.
My mom wakes up and we go on a hike together. We do a little hike in Malibu, which is beautiful. We take my dog Milo who can outwalk me. Then we go and get smoothies at SunLife. My brother worked there when we were in high school, so it brings me back.
I shower and wash my hair. I wash my hair every day — which I know people have thoughts about, but that's what I do. I use Stephen Knoll shampoo and conditioner. Now that I have colored hair, I have to think about what I wash it with. Then I'll use a coffee scrub. I wash my face with the Allies of Skin cleanser and put on the ClearChoice Sunscreen on my face.
On my body, I like this Hamptons Sun Tanning Oil that has an SPF in it — my dad introduced me to it. I wear a hat, too. My face is always five shades lighter than my body. I work by the pool and read some scripts and things.
On Sunday nights, we have this tradition in my family where we do homemade pizzas. At night, I wash my face again and do my nighttime routine, which is the same every night.