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Janie Tienphosuwan will be the face of Victoria’s Secret global campaign

"Actress, mother, and fitness fanatic Janie Tienphosuwan has been selected to represent Victoria's Secret in a brand-new worldwide advertising campaign. Let's take a deeper look."

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Janie Tienphosuwan will be the face of Victoria’s Secret global campaign

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Victoria's Secret recently introduced a brand-new worldwide advertising campaign dubbed "T-Shirt Bra," featuring Thai actress Janie Tienphosuwan.

In her career, Janie is most known for her performances in a number of Thai soap operas. She is also now regarded as an inspirational fitness icon. She rose to fame as a devoted gym goer with her husband Mickey, who also produces fitness material. If you've been following Janie on social media, you'll know that she's making a significant comeback in the business after focusing more on her family in recent years.

Janie announced the news with a happy caption on her Instagram account, saying it was truly a dream come true.

Beyond that, this collection represents another step in Victoria's Secret's commitment to diversity, since it is their first ever locally created all-female campaign in association with Women Photographers Malaysia. In addition to the items, Victoria's Secret hopes to portray women's emancipation through this collection. The hashtag #BeAuthenticBeYou will be used as part of the social media engagement to encourage users to accept themselves.

You can shop the collection at Victoria’s Secret stores at Mega-Bangna, CentralWorld, and Iconsiam, or online at Victoria’s Secret.


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