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Orebella: Bella Hadid's New Wellness Brand

"Get ready to ‘reveal your alchemy’ on May 5"

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Orebella: Bella Hadid's New Wellness Brand


A mystery teaser for Bella Hadid's next health business, Orebella, has been revealed online.

"Reveal your alchemy on 5/02", reads the post on a new Instagram account. What the brand will sell is uncertain. There is a short video on the Instagram page, but it contains abstract imagery such as an eye, the ocean, the universe, and, most perplexingly, a golden 'B' symbol, which might represent almost anything. Bread? BBQ sauce? Or even just Bella! If that sounds appealing, there's a link in the page's bio where you can join the list and receive an exclusive launch when it goes live.

Although the official images and posts remain mysterious, Hadid did file a trademark application for Orabella in 2022, which included fragrances, scented lotions and oils for the body and face, scented shampoos, conditioners, and styling creams, air fragrance reed diffusers, and incense.

This is not Hadid's first effort into business; in 2021, she co-founded Kin Euphorics, a "brain care" non-alcoholic beverage brand that offered a comprehensive solution to "chronic exhaustion, depression, and anxiety."

Credits: Dazed


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