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Cailee Spaeny is the face of Bulgari's new Omnia fragrance

"Cailee Spaeny is the newest Bulgari ambassador, delighting the globe with an ad campaign for the Omnia perfume series."

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Cailee Spaeny is the face of Bulgari's new Omnia fragrance


Its name, "Reveal Your Light," indicates that it's no ordinary undertaking. Watch as Spaeny, who received praise for her performance in Priscilla, is captured on camera by Jason Hetherington.

The brown-haired actress is dressed in a spectral palette of whites, purples, and coral reds to represent the Bulgari Omnia scents—Crystalline, Amethyste, and Coral. A film starring Spaeny and directed by Eva Vik creates a wonderful ambiance. The uplifting, airy music accentuates her aura as she poses with the new flacons.

The revamp raises the bar for the perfume experience. Bottles are designed like interlocking spheres with gold accents that reflect Bulgari's exquisite essence.

As seen through Spaeny's eyes, Bulgari itself explains the astonishing makeover of its Omnia collection. "The perfection of each scent remains unchanged," the company ruminates, "but Cailee sees the collection through its boldest transformation yet—newly designed flacons that reveal your light to the world."


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