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Candice Swanepoel Stuns in Tropic of C’s Lace Collection

"Candice Swanepoel leads Tropic of C's latest lace collection, which is a stunning fusion of edgy flair and grace."

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Candice Swanepoel Stuns in Tropic of C’s Lace Collection

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The co-founder of the business and a well-known model from South Africa lends a modern charm to the collection, which draws a lot of inspiration from the classic appeal of lace.

Swanepoel is featured in a series of black and white studio pictures that accentuate the minute details of the lace pieces in this ad, which was expertly shot in monochrome by photographer Yulia Gorbachenko.

Sandy Armeni's Tropic of C Lace line features a wide variety of lingerie styles, including flirtatious bodysuits, elegant thongs, and adaptable camis in addition to delicate bralettes. These items create a modern yet timeless appearance when combined with accessories like leather leggings, sunglasses with an 80s vibe, and sophisticated long coats.

Notably, the collection includes a few pieces in white, which lends a touch of softness and versatility to the range, even though Candice primarily wears these pieces in black, which conveys a bold and sophisticated feel.

In addition to highlighting fashion, the campaign also highlights beauty, as makeup artist Chiho Omae uses dewy skin to accentuate Candice's inherent brightness. In keeping with this, hairstylist Shingo Shibata creates an elegant and polished braided ponytail to complete the ensemble.

Candice Swanepoel, who previously enchanted fashion aficionados with Tropic of C's Resort 2024 designs and made a noteworthy comeback to Victoria's Secret for their Icons campaign, has achieved another milestone with this collection.


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