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Curly Bobs are trending on Instagram, and these are the best looks to try

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Curly Bobs are trending on Instagram, and these are the best looks to try


Curly hair has advantages. Ringlets in a variety of sizes and forms can instantly give you a voluptuous appearance on a good day. Then there are times when frizz takes over your hair and makes curling your hair look nearly impossible. However, the best thing about coils is that they always produce a distinctive look, especially when combined with a classic haircut, regardless of how tightly or loosely they are twisted. You might initially believe that every curly bob looks the same. But there's also adaptability because of the different patterns and textures (imagine flowing lobs or clipped bangs with twists resembling corkscrews).

In actuality, bobs suit all types of hair wonderfully. However, the straightforward appearance is suddenly changed when curls are added. A curly bob can be just as attractive as a sleek and straight one, thanks to its bouncy ringlets that give it a glass-like gloss. You can also play about with the length. Perhaps you're not quite ready to shave off all of your hair. A long, shoulder-grazing style would work well in that situation. But if you need a drastic makeover, a face-framing shortcut is a good choice.

Your unique preferences and the texture of your hair will determine which bob is best for you. Here's your chance to finally give your curly hair a bob shape if you've been thinking about doing so. The top iterations of the traditional cut for curly hair are shown here.

French Bob

The French bob is among the most intriguing of the several variations. Its cut length and baby bangs give it a distinctive look all its own. Natural curls, on the other hand, give the style a fun, carefree touch. Finding the right proportions is essential to pulling off this stylish cut. Because the curls will naturally create volume, you want to use caution when cutting them short.

Soft Waves

There are several sizes and forms of curls. Even though they lack the definition of tight coils, loose waves can nevertheless provide a dynamic, body-filled bob. Better still? It is quite simple to achieve and very low-maintenance to have this soft look. For a carefree look, let your hair air dry after washing rather than using heat.

Hollywood Curls

If you have naturally textured hair, you can get gorgeous curls without using heat by using a roller set. Consider this style, which uses a velcro version as opposed to a curling iron. Divide your hair into three equal parts to replicate at home. Next, add the rollers while working in tiny groups, making sure to curl the hair underneath. To reduce frizz and friction, wrap them with a silk hat or scarf right before you get into bed.

Long Bob

It's undeniable that short bobs are fashionable again at the moment. However, that should not preclude you from embracing a longer style. A lob is an ideal substitute for a cropped cut if you're concerned that it might be too thick. It works well with loose curls that become denser as they approach the ends of the hair. You can make a form with this version without it looking heavy.

Textured Waves

Frizz is sometimes unavoidable when you have natural curls. Why not go for a more subdued version and avoid having it damage your appearance? The slightly tangled strands give this bob body and richness. You should not, however, want your hair to seem or feel dry. Work a few drops of hair oil through your strands to keep it lustrous and hydrated. It will help deter flyaways as an added advantage.

Square Bob

Not everyone is suited for boxy bobs. However, the unique shape can be a wonderful fit for someone seeking a unique look. It not only provides a frame instantly, but it also offers rounder face forms rigidity. Similarly, for a more balanced appearance, its powerful, squared-off design might aid in softening an angular jawline.

Middle Part

Parts, particularly on a bob, can help define an appearance. A middle version is more conventional in appearance, whilst a side swoop exudes a youthful, edgy vibe. Additionally, it gives a free-flowing style if you have larger curls. Apply a little oil or serum after parting to make the difference more noticeable and the flyaway strands lie flat, ensuring your hair stays smooth at the crown.


On curly hair, asymmetrical cuts look amazing and exude a bold, forceful vibe. It can be challenging to accomplish this type of bob with any texture. Having said that, it will be crucial to get a stylist with experience cutting curls. You want pointed and angular, not crooked, after all. Before your consultation, take some time to discuss your expectations so that you can be confident you're getting the exact appearance you want.

Chin Length

For curly hair, chin-grazing bobs are a terrific option since they quickly provide structure. Curved ends are used by straight counterparts of this style to frame the face. Curls provide volume and drama that are just as captivating as that to create an attractive appearance. You don't need to be concerned about having a defined portion with this style. For a more natural look, let your hair fall as it naturally would.

Natural Afro

The ideal cut to give your natural hair a fashionable shape is a curly bob. For instance, the layers in this style provide movement and structure. In contrast to other styles, to achieve the most precise form, the curls are frequently cut dry. Having said that, it's crucial to investigate the salon and its stylists to identify one who is knowledgeable about various textures and curl patterns.


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