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Elle Fanning Shines in Rabanne Fame Perfume Ad

"The campaign is further brought to life in an accompanying commercial, where the iconic David Bowie track “Fame” sets a rhythmic backdrop."

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Elle Fanning Shines in Rabanne Fame Perfume Ad

Wearing a pink dress, Elle Fanning shows off the Rabanne eau de parfum

The remarkable Elle Fanning, who was designated an ambassador for the scent last year, is featured in the Rabanne FAME perfume advertising campaign. The visual tale begins with Fanning, who is dressed in a blush pink gown that suits her beauty.

Elle Fanning stars in the Rabanne Fame perfume advertising campaign. Photo: Rabanne

The blonde beauty is seen sitting gracefully on a bed, clutching an enormous replica of the FAME perfume bottle, a design that cleverly references to the brand's heritage with its chainmail aspect. This detail is a subtle nod to Paco Rabanne's legendary sparkling chainmail dresses, bridging the gap between the brand's illustrious past and its modern vision.

The campaign is brought to life even more in a companion ad, which features the classic David Bowie single "Fame" as a rhythmic backdrop. This choice of music complements the perfume's name wonderfully and gives a touch of nostalgic flair to the current atmosphere.

A look at the chainmail detail of the Rabanne Fame eau de parfum bottle. Photo: Rabanne

The dynamic presence of Fanning is represented through a sequence of clothing changes, each expressing a different aspect of the Rabanne woman's persona. Her moves are synchronized alongside a floating bottle of FAME, resulting in a stunning ballet that represents the fragrance's alluring essence.

The Rabanne FAME Eau de Parfum is a celebration of the Parisian spirit, embodying a new era of femininity championed by Paco Rabanne. This scent is a refined combination of pure jasmine, the rich sweetness of succulent mango, and a deeply seductive creamy incense.

“I am thrilled to be an ambassador of a brand as iconic as Paco Rabanne. I was completely taken by the concept and felt like it was a perfect fit and reflected my personality. Being part of this new chapter was an immediate yes.”

Elle Fanning

"Multifaceted and multitalented, Elle Fanning couldn't be a better choice as the face of FAME," says Paco Rabanne Vice President Jérôme Leloup. "She embodies the very essence of Paco Rabanne's ultramodern femininity, and we are very happy to have her as the ambassador for our new fragrance."


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