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Emily Ratajkowski put on a Sexy Bra Top and Tulle Miniskirt at the Jacquemus show

"Emily Ratajkowski embraced the ballet core style for 2023, wearing a Jacquemus bra top with sheer long sleeves and a cream tulle tutu-like skirt to the design house's Le Chouchou show today in Versailles, France."

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Emily Ratajkowski put on a Sexy Bra Top and Tulle Miniskirt at the Jacquemus show


While photographers filmed her at the location, Ratajkowski shared a video of herself wearing the outfit on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Ratajkowski wore her hair in waves, revealing her curtain bangs. Ratajkowski discussed getting bangs with in November. When asked if she made the hair change on the spur of the moment, she replied, "Relatively, yeah." I adore them. I never want to return. 'You cannot be this person,' all of my pals said. You can't acquire bangs while going through a breakup.' And I thought to myself, 'I'm going to be this person.' Then they all say, 'I'm so sorry, you were correct; they look good.' So I'm pretty happy about it. 'I'm not just being crazy, I swear,' I say. I don't think I'll ever get rid of my bangs."

Photo: Instagram

She also talked about how her hair helps her convey confidence even when she doesn't feel it. "Honestly, I'll trim the bangs, which is the ultimate confident move," she remarked. "I'll trim my bangs and then consider a red lip." If I just put that on, it's like, 'Well, nobody can f**k with me,' basically. You must also concentrate on your internal confidence. Don't fool yourself. "Basically, I wait until I feel confident."

Photo: Instagram


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