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Kendall and Gigi Walked Jacquemus Runway

"Today's Jacquemus Le Chouchou show in Versailles, France, marked the return of both Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid to the catwalk after a hiatus."

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Kendall and Gigi Walked Jacquemus Runway

ELLE (Getty Images)

Each of Jenner and Hadid donned a look from the line. Jenner donned a choker and a bodysuit that resembled a cloud.

Photo: ELLE (Getty Images)

Photo: ELLE (Getty Images)

Hadid was wearing a translucent white short dress with visible white underwear.

Photo: ELLE (Getty Images)

Photo: ELLE (Getty Images)

Hadid discussed with ELLE how becoming a mother has altered her perspective on work. Because of her pregnancy during COVID-19, she decided to take on fewer jobs that required travel, like the Jacquemus show.

“I got pregnant and I really started to think about what I wanted after, when the world opened back up,” she said. “It kept coming back to just a more stabilized schedule where I’m not in a different country every week. This [building brand Guest in Residence] is very stabilizing. I have an office that I come to. I know everyone here. I don’t have to look a certain way to show up. It’s a different experience for me, and it was the right time because I was ready for that.”

That said, Hadid added that motherhood has made her appreciate more chaotic work experiences, like runway shows. “Having a daughter, although it shifted my life to make me really want to feel more settled, has also really made me appreciate the chaos as well,” she said. “Being at shows and shoots and just being in the city again; being around friends [after] becoming a mom, with everyone also coming out of COVID—I have an appreciation for both sides of it.”


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