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Emily Ratajkowski Unveils Her Two Giant Diamond Divorce Rings

"“divorce rings” by Alison Lou"

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Emily Ratajkowski Unveils Her Two Giant Diamond Divorce Rings

Emily Ratajkowski / IG

Emily Ratajkowski debuted her two diamond "divorce rings" by Alison Lou on Instagram today, symbolizing empowerment. She appears to have split the diamonds from her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard's two-stone engagement ring and had them recast into new pieces. The square diamond was cast alongside two other diamonds.

Alison Lou posted on Instagram about Ratajkowski's new pieces, stating, "We made the original two-stone engagement ring that set the trend…Here we go again @emrata Divorce Rings™️.

Ratajkowski has been open about how she is adjusting to life after divorce. In November 2022, she spoke with Harper's Bazaar about her first thoughts after the split. "I can tell you that I have never been single before," she told me. "I feel every emotion. I feel angry and sad. I'm feeling excited. I feel happy. I sense levity. Each day is different. The only positive thing I know is that I'm experiencing all of these emotions, which is comforting because it gives me hope that I'll be okay."

In May 2023, she spoke with HommeGirls about her ongoing single status. "I'm proud of myself [for this new era]," she went on to say. "[The] younger version of myself would have probably settled for a middle-aged guy just to have a boyfriend. "I'm glad I'm not in that era anymore."

She added that she had used dating apps before, but not extensively. "I've only gone on one date from an app but it was with someone who I also had mutual friends with," Ratajkowski said in an interview. "I'm very open to meeting people in whatever way! But I believe mutuals are always a good way to vet people."


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