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Cara Delevingne Posed Topless in a Pile of Trash for Stella McCartney

"In the guise of environmental conservation."

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Cara Delevingne Posed Topless in a Pile of Trash for Stella McCartney

Cara Delevingne for Stella McCartney

In a daring new Stella McCartney advertisement, Cara Delevingne is depicted without a shirt or shoes, drawing attention to the fashion industry's waste problem. Recently, the brand launched its Summer 2024 campaign, featuring Delevingne and emphasizing their most environmentally friendly collection yet.

The campaign showcased Delevingne posing against a backdrop of recyclable materials at the Veolia recycling plant in London. She opted for a topless look, donning only shimmering hot pants and strategically positioned signature handbags. Her hair, styled in a lob with a deep side part, and minimalist makeup perfectly aligned with the collection's eco-conscious message.

As per the press release, the campaign concept emerged from a collective endeavor within the company to address the alarming statistic of 92 million tonnes of clothing waste generated annually. The collection, composed primarily of materials that are recycled, renewable, organic, deadstock, responsibly and sustainably sourced, and free from deforestation, reflects the brand's commitment to sustainability. Described as an eclectic and ageless selection, it challenges traditional boundaries of gender and generation through its diverse textures, proportions, and embellishments. Joining Delevingne, a noted environmental advocate, in the campaign are fellow activists Arizona Muse and Alice Aed.

Following Cara Delevingne's Instagram post on March 15th revealing the loss of her Los Angeles home due to a fire, images from the Stella McCartney campaign were released. In her heartfelt message, Delevingne expressed shock and sadness, emphasizing the sudden changes life can bring and urging gratitude for what one has. Fortunately, Delevingne wasn't present during the fire as she was performing in Cabaret at London's Playhouse Theatre, and her two cats survived. She extended her gratitude to the Los Angeles Fire Department for their swift response and for rescuing her pets.


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