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Emma Watson's favorite Perfume is Floral yet Sexy

"Emma Watson reveals that her favorite perfume is Lancôme's Trésor Midnight Rose."

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Emma Watson's favorite Perfume is Floral yet Sexy

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Emma Watson developed before our eyes to become one of the world's naturally attractive and fashionable celebrities. It was actually that long ago when Watson first shot to fame as a young child in "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" in 2001. Since then, Watson has gone on to land a number of other significant roles in films including "Little Women" and "Beauty and the Beast." She has made significant progress in other areas as well, besides the big screen.

Watson is also a major player in the fashion industry. To mention a few, Burberry, Chanel, Christian Dior, Calvin Klein, and Lancôme are just a few of the campaigns she has starred in. The fact that so many people seek to imitate Watson's sophisticated and classic sense of style, right down to the scent she wears, is not surprising. And we are aware of the particular item the celebrity uses to apply her preferred fragrance. It seems appropriate for a witch.

The Trésor Midnight Rose advertising campaign for Lancôme was heavily influenced by Emma Watson.

Anyone who has followed Emma Watson's career attentively would probably not be surprised to find that her favorite fragrance is Lancôme's Trésor Midnight Rose. The cause is? She contributed to its creation! Yes, Watson was once more caught living our dream when she collaborated with Lancôme on the 2011 fragrance.

The proud queen of sustainable fashion revealed to Women's Wear Daily at the time that she was heavily involved in the entire ad campaign and even picked the color of the rose on the bottle (which is, incidentally, a regal deep purple that is ideal for Watson). She added, "I had a hand in the costumes for the commercial. I was involved in the concept for the [ad] film and the tagline, 'Catch my heart if you can,'" "I took a big part in writing the script. For me, it's been incredibly enjoyable," she said.

But there's something about this star that you might not know. She actually wasn't a huge perfume aficionado before to helping to create this one. She remarked to British Vogue in 2011: "I didn't really like perfumes before because I thought they were heavy, but this one is really light and playful." "I feel fortunate to represent a scent I am so madly in love with."

Photo: Sephora

Photo: Sephora

They claim that a person's preferred scent might reveal a lot about them. Additionally, Lancôme's Trésor Midnight Rose has a floral scent with a sensual twist, exactly like Emma Watson herself. The fragrance is fruity and floral at the same time, with a woody musk undertone. Jasmine, peony, blackcurrant, and pink pepper make up the top notes of the fragrance, while raspberry and rose absolutely make up the center notes. What about those crucial foundation notes? They include musk, vanilla, and Virginia cedar essences. See, we warned you that a witch would adore this woodsy perfume! Even if it's just a movie witch. It's understandable why Watson enthusiastically said in Harper's Bazaar in 2011 that the latest Trésor fragrance from Lancôme was her favorite scent.

But Watson has a thing for another scent when she's not donning Lancôme. However, not even she is aware of its name. The celebrity claimed that when she was 11 or 12 years old, she visited a French perfume factory, and her father gave her the perfume as a gift. "I'm not sure if you can buy it anywhere else. She said to Into The Gloss in 2017: "I've tried to find it, but I can't, so I simply keep it with me as a good luck charm now. "It would be fantastic if someone knew what it was! It would be wonderful if someone could solve the problem for me. Now is the time to investigate.



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