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Julieta Gracia Shines in Jewelry for Rabat

"Julieta Gracia is photographed by Victor Gil Studio and appears on the cover of Rabat Magazine's February 2023 issue. The Spanish model steals the show in a fashion editorial celebrating glittering gems with her captivating gaze."

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Julieta Gracia Shines in Jewelry for Rabat


Images that are breathtaking and perfectly catch the essence of elegance highlight Julieta's beauty. Julieta's outfit, which includes cozy knits, supple leather pants, and plush long coats, is given a sophisticated edge by sparkling jewelry from the famous store.

With the help of Ana Casanovas' styling, Julieta sticks out in muted outfits with red accents. Raquel Costales, a hair and cosmetics artist, gives her dark brown hair a sleek style that draws attention to her dewy skin.

Here are the images from Rabat


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