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Kendall Jenner Featured on the 'Forbes' 30 Under 30 List

"The long-awaited day has arrived."

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Kendall Jenner Featured on the 'Forbes' 30 Under 30 List


The 30 influential people that made Forbes' 2024 30 Under 30 list were recently revealed. Model and media personality turned entrepreneur Kendall Jenner is one of the prominent industry executives mentioned.

In 2021, Jenner introduced her tequila line, 818, and made a reputation for herself right away. Celebrity alcohol brands have become more popular in recent years, but few have achieved the same degree of success as she has. The 28-year-old model reportedly made around $25 million in sales in 2022 alone, according to Forbes.

The model was selected for the issue's digital cover. She announced her involvement in the remarkable, well-known list on Tuesday by posting a picture of the cover to her personal Instagram.

“thank you, thank you, thank you @forbes @forbesunder30 @drink818,” she wrote in the caption of the Nov. 28 announcement.

She was present at the 30 Under 30 Summit in Cleveland, Ohio, early in October, so it's not surprising that she's on the list. Jenner spoke as the event's main speaker in addition to a number of other business owners from other sectors and venues.

Jenner told Forbes that she views the growing competition in the tequila industry as "a healthy challenge," while acknowledging it in her cover story. "It just makes us want to be better.”


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