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UFC Star Brittney Palmer Stuns in a Vacation Bikini Snap

"UFC Octagon Girl and contemporary artist Brittney Palmer shared some photographs from her recent Italian vacation."

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UFC Star Brittney Palmer Stuns in a Vacation Bikini Snap

Brittney Palmer / Instagram

Making the most of her recent vacation in Italy, contemporary artist and well-known Octagon Girl for the UFC Brittney Palmer revealed her secret to staying ring (and bikini) ready.

Palmer shared some unguarded pictures from her trip, which consisted mostly of touring the Tuscan countryside. She shared videos and pictures from her trip on Instagram, including shots from an unplanned black bikini photo shoot.

"A Tuscan dream," she captioned the photos taken alongside a weathered vine-covered wall.

Palmer also shared what it takes to maintain peak fitness after the trip. She shared videos on Instagram of herself working out hard at Barry's Boot Camp, where she was celebrating her 50th class, and recuperating with a cold plunge—a risky technique that many athletes use to expedite their recuperation and non-athletes utilize to increase circulation and reduce inflammation.


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