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LA VACANZA 2023: Donatella Versace & Dua Lipa present their co-designed women's collection

"Dua Lipa approached her first excursion into fashion design - a collaboration with her friend Donatella Versace – with hedonistic summers in mind, so it's only right that the La Vacanza collection was born during a girls night out."

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LA VACANZA 2023: Donatella Versace & Dua Lipa present their co-designed women's collection


Iván de Pineda, a model-turned-host, brought retro TV host energy as celebrities like Dwyane Wade and Simone Ashley arrived. He interviewed the guests, introduced the runway show, and even provided live commentary on some of the collection's most unique pieces as models posed theatrically throughout the catwalk. These innovative choices gave the entire event a classic European glitz feeling with a camp touch.

Celebrity-brand alliances can occasionally come out as hurried or as a desperate attempt to get money and attention. However, Dua Lipa x Versace merely makes sense and will excite both sides' supporters. The collection features both Lipa's playful, seductive personal style and Versace's house codes, and it's all wrapped up in a posh, Instagrammable, vacation-ready bow.

Staged atop a long, narrow infinity pool with guests seated at bistro tables on either side, the show began with a series of monochrome Barbie-pink looks destined to make their way into Margot Robbie's press-tour wardrobe. (Lipa also appears in the film: This Barbie is a Mermaid!)

More hues and patterns were used in the second half of the performance, including vivid, cartoonish floral and polka dots scattered with ladybugs and butterflies. Butterflies are a common motif, and Y2K-inspired jewelry and shoe straps often feature crystallized variants. Even a bustier top with a sparkling butterfly covering each breast is available.

Below given image credits: Fashionista & Versace


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