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Oscar de la Renta Pre-Spring 2023

"The New York Botanical Gardens are in full bloom this season."

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Oscar de la Renta Pre-Spring 2023


We are always in awe of Oscar de la Renta's floral creations, and this year was no exception. The bridal designer consistently creates sophisticated, exquisite outfits while also allowing for a fun element in his creations. The anticipated floral fantasy, the Pre-Spring 2023 ready-to-wear collection, has finally arrived.

Co-Creative Directors Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia investigate the texture and visual contrasts in the botanical world as an ode to the beauty of nature that surrounds us. The New York Botanical Garden acts as the collection's creative setting and was inspired by Doctor Charles de l'Ecluse, a botanist and gardener who lived in the sixteenth century.

The vibrant hues in the collection, including tanzanite, daffodil, hyacinth, and amaranth, were influenced by the Dominican Republic, the late designer's favourite vacation destination. The bright fun of animals is captured in the collection's vibrant floral designs and textures.

Dresses made of tule and chiffon have adaptable, draping shapes that drape the body and removable sleeves. Cutouts, appliques, and hand beading give the elegance and attention to detail that the wedding brand is known for by fusing craftsmanship with contemporary. Every item inherently captures the breathtaking beauty of nature and serves as a reminder of its whimsical character. The collection, which is currently offered at, is ideal for any spring outfit.