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Adriana Lima revealed that her Daughter wants to be a Model

"Adriana Lima stated that, despite her daughter's young age, she wishes for her to focus on what makes her happy."

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Adriana Lima revealed that her Daughter wants to be a Model

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Adriana Lima serves as a role model for emerging models and her daughter Valentina, who is closer to her at home. Lima, who is 42 years old, is going through a transformation and feels pleased to represent Latinas, mothers, and women in general.

Lima's journey takes on a deeper personal dimension as she watches her daughter, Valentina, attempt to mimic her. Lima staunchly believes that age is just a number and wishes to demonstrate to Valentina that pursuing one's aspirations has no bounds.

“As you can see with the campaign, I [helped] change the fashion industry so that every woman, every lady, is accepted in every stage of their life no matter how old they are and accepted in fashion. That’s my goal, and that’s the reason I’m still modeling, still persisting, in being a part of the fashion industry. I think the industry is accepting that, and it’s really wonderful to see,” Lima tells PEOPLE, referring to Victoria’s Secret’s new The Icon collection.

In addition, Lima has a baby who is 16 months old and a daughter who is 10 years old. Despite their youth, Lima said she wants to teach them the value of gracefully aging and putting their pleasure first.



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