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Graff Butterfly Collection: New Creative Journey

"Graff, a name known for dazzling beauty, is using a compelling campaign to highlight its new Butterfly jewelry collection."

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Graff Butterfly Collection: New Creative Journey


The pictures, which include the arresting presence of model Rianne van Rompaey, are shot by Mikael Jansson in the picturesque splendor of France's Villa La Vigie.

The Graff Butterfly campaign features stunning diamonds designed by Emmanuelle Alt, as well as outfit choices that highlight the items' purity and dramatic elegance. In one scenario, the redhead model wears a white tank top, while in another, she wears a cut-out top with black slacks while posing next to a vintage car, which adds a sense of timeless flair to the photo.

But the collection is a symbol, not merely something beautiful. The Butterfly line, which symbolizes the artistic development of the jewelry company, conveys the theme of transition and fresh starts. This is not Graff's first attempt to use jewelry to tell a compelling story. Grace Elizabeth previously appeared in a bridal campaign when she posed with her spouse.

The craftsmanship underlying the Butterfly Collection's debut is what makes it unique. In a news statement, Graff's Chief Marketing Officer Bernadette Kennedy underlines the thorough and effective effort that has gone into redefining the company's visual identity. This includes resurrecting historical visual elements like the signature green color, improving the logo, and developing a new monogram.

Kennedy considers it an honor and a privilege to lead the legendary jewelry company into a new era, playing a crucial part in reimagining its aesthetic presence to resonate with a modern audience. The ad represents both the transformation of the collection and the brand's changing identity.


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