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"Chanel conquered Los Angeles on Tuesday with its Cruise 2023/2024 collection."

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A few days prior to the fashion show, Chanel has strewn André's two-tone graphic posters throughout the City of Angels. The posters announce the location of the fashion show in a nostalgic style. The faces of the collection, Alma Jodorowsky and other ambassadors and friends of Chanel are listed on the posters. Inez & Vinood took pictures of the actress as she was rehearsing for the occasion.

The fashion show, which is held in the venerable Paramount Studios, starts as the outfits emerge as bursts of happiness, a ray of California sunshine, radiating like a venial spin to the beat of the 1970s.
The collection pays homage to bygone eras, including the freedom of the 1970s and 1980s as well as the fashion trends of the 1920s and 1930s.

"It's all about balance," says Virginie Viard, "between a tribute to the glamour of big movie stars and the evocation of the world of fun with aerobics, sports, and roller skating, between dreaming on the one hand and what you want to wear on the other."

A multicolored range of micro shorts, jumpsuits, 60s dresses, and evening gowns, as well as swimwear, arise from the collection's fun and elegance, which tap into Chanel's collective imagination and transport it to the dance floor.

The overlapping, vibrant, summery designs on the numerous dresses and jackets perfectly capture Karl's sparkling, vivacious attitude.
The collection includes items like roller skates, roller disco balls, gold and black, and shakes.

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