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Victoria's Secret has announced a fresh concept for their 2023 Fashion Show

"The popular Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is making a comeback this year after a four-year absence from the runway; this time, it will be in an entirely new film format called The Victoria's Secret World Tour."

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Victoria's Secret has announced a fresh concept for their 2023 Fashion Show

Victoria's Secret

Twenty international designers and global creatives who are a part of the VS20 will be the focus of the feature film. There will be a completely realized collection that is curated and created by four groups from the cities of Bogota, Lagos, London, and Tokyo. The collection will also feature specially made Victoria's Secret items.

The video will document not just the designers' creative process but also their personal histories in an effort to "champion women's voices, perspectives, and experiences," as stated in the brand's press release.

"We are excited to introduce a completely reimagined version of the fashion show while bringing back the very best of entertainment and fashion our customers have been asking for. We're celebrating the iconic heritage of the brand through a new generation of artists, and we can't wait to amplify their vision through our worldwide platform," said Chief Customer Officer Chris Rupp in a press release.

The reputation of Victoria's Secret as an organization that promoted a single beauty standard came under fire on social media following the release of Hulu's recent three-part documentary series Victoria's Secret: Angels and Demons, which detailed the growth and fall of the brand. The alleged inclusion initiatives of the Victoria's Secret World Tour are in stark contrast to what the spectacle was originally known for, indicating a new target market for the business.


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