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Sadie Sink is the newest Armani Beauty Global Ambassador

"Sadie Sink joins Armani Beauty as its newest global ambassador, a position that fits the young actress as she continues to dominate the entertainment business."

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Sadie Sink is the newest Armani Beauty Global Ambassador

Armani Beauty

Sink is poised to make a significant contribution to the fashion and beauty industries with her distinctive personality. The well-known redhead is known for her captivating performances in critically acclaimed projects like The Whale and Stranger Things.

Cate Blanchett and Sink are featured together in the upcoming advertising for S Eau De Parfum Intense. In a publicity photo taken by photographer Damon Baker, Sink is seen wearing a chic red fitted jacket and having her eyes accentuated with a dramatic winged eyeliner.

Photo: Armani Beauty

Another picture shows her painting the letter S on a mirror while wearing deep berry-colored lipstick on her lips. This stylish photo shoot was styled by Molly Dickson, while the hair and cosmetics were masterfully done by Ryan Richman and Nina Park.

Photo: Armani Beauty

The celebrity also starred in the spring 2023 Alexander McQueen campaign earlier this year, wearing a beautiful gown. After Sydney Sweeney's recent entrance into the Armani universe as the face of the My Way fragrance campaign, the inclusion of Sink came quickly after.

Giorgio Armani sees in Sink a spirit that strikes a balance between logic and feeling. The Italian fashion designer says in a statement that "[S] is an invitation to be passionate and free and to commit to total self-expression." This sentiment finds a strong supporter in Sadie Sink, a gifted young performer who, from an early age, says "yes" to her passion for performing and movies.


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